Skippers Road - Simon Williams

Skippers Road - Simon Williams


Skippers Road
13:35 28th April 2018

Archival ink printed onto 320gsm Hahnemühle Cotton Rag

841 x 561mm

A signed edition of 10. Signature, title and edition number on front. Authentication sticker provided for back of frame.

NOTE: Price is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and includes packaging and worldwide express delivery.

“As the colours of Autumn paint the Wakatipu Basin, you can expect Winter to visit, cloaking all with her presence.. Usually clad in brown and yellow, with a rocky schist crop, the Coronet peaks of Skippers now glisten in pure white, and the wooden pillars of communication from time gone by stand almost upright but prominent reminding us of those who relied on them year round long ago. We stop our journeys this way for a few months now. These others would have continued back in the day along the Skippers Road.”

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