Four Seasons - Simon Williams

Four Seasons - Simon Williams


Four Seasons
17:08 30th April 2017

Archival ink printed onto Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk

973 x 650mm

A signed edition of 10. Signature, title and edition number on front. Authentication sticker provided for back of frame.

NOTE: Price is in New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and includes packaging and worldwide express delivery.

“Aotearoa plays host to many a micro climate. As the wind traverses the oceans it brings with it water way up high eventually to be pierced by the Southern Alps signaling the start of its journey from sky to land once again. The difference in height and temperatures between the majestic mountain tops and the vast lakes which lie below shows itself in this vast array of climatic conditions. Snow highlighting the ruggedness of those rock forms which at one day protruded above the ice, through to the lush green grass of the valleys and gulley’s way down below. The wind whistles and forms. The water carves its way through the landscape and the light penetrates the parting clouds, to reveal the hint of blue in the distance and the approaching warmer calmer times. All of which is universally confirmed by the briefest of visits from that symbol of hope, the rainbow.”

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