Marc Blake (b. Auckland, New Zealand) is a New Zealand painter.  Exhibiting widely since 2005, Blake is extensively represented in New Zealand's largest private collection, as well as in numerous collections both nationally and internationally.  He has also been a recipient of and finalist in, numerous national art awards.
Blake’s constant, highly unique use of wooden panels, acrylics, pencils and inks, as well as his consistently evolving incorporation of online imagery, digital technology and methods since 2002, has resulted in a recognisable, original and influential voice in New Zealand painting.  
Blake was born and raised in New Zealand and spent several years living and painting in Japan, Australia and South Korea, with traditions and influences from all of these regions informing his work.

“Fragments of previous layers, images, modifications and changes of direction are still partly visible in each work, showing an improvised process that organically finds its way through working, towards conclusion.  The beauty, character and imperfections of the materials are gradually revealed during this time and the final texture of paint on the surface is extremely thin, almost papery, mostly soaked down into the bare, abraded and often deeply sanded support.  The corners of the panels are dented from rigorous handling and the scuffed edges reveal the remaining specks of colour from previous iterations on a single panel. The works become as much objects as they are images.”