Justin HURT

Justin Hurt (b. Auckland, New Zealand) is a furniture designer and craftsman. Showcasing the natural characteristics of exquisite timbers through masterful finishing and workmanship, Justin’s original pieces express truly unique New Zealand materials and design.
Working both individually and collaboratively, Hurt’s work was recently commissioned for the newly opened, official New Zealand World War 1 Memorial in Le Quesnoy, France.

“If you have an interest in how things work it is a joy to take something apart and find it has been made with care and attention to detail, using quality materials, and is akin to unravelling someone’s thoughts. One of the things I like the most about good design is what you cant see until you take it apart. It's not just about what's on the surface, you may not be able to see it but I think it still adds to the feel or resonance of an object in an unexplainable way. I make everything with the hope that when it nears the end of its life and is dismantled, someone will still be able to appreciate it and say this has been made well.
Utilising specific joints, and without glue, the frame holds itself together, glue only needed for finishing and aesthetics.
The side panels of the lamps are thin slices of end grain from Totara trees once infected with a common virus that creates holes in the water transport system of the wood. The virus dies when the tree dies so degradation of the wood stops. Beautiful patterns are created when using the slices as a light diffuser/filter and is similar to looking at the xylem of a plant through a microscope.”