“Hitoiki” by Ko Masuda. New ink works on paper, available now.

For his latest solo exhibition presented at Sanotmi Centre in Kyoto, Kosuke Masuda has created his most ambitious body of work to date, titled “Hitoiki”. Featuring over 100 original paintings in sumi ink on washi paper, these works are a milestone in Kosuke’s oeuvre.
The first series of Masuda’s paintings featured bicycles in various frozen states, with the minimal forms on angles and circles perfectly suited to the brevity of his brushstrokes. The second series saw the introduction of people - the “riders”. Figures in movement, riding, speeding, standing still with their bikes. The third series then introduced the bikes and riders into the landscape, with mountains and trees forming the backdrop of their two wheeled adventures.

Now, with ‘Hitoiki”, all of these elements have come together in an entirely new way. Effortlessly crossing between abstraction and a kind of monochrome realism, all matter of Kosuke’s imagery and imagination is on display. Masuda also takes another step with these latest landscape works, inserting the viewer into the work itself as kind of “rider’s POV”. We see the winding roads, paths and forested tracks, reinforcing the concept that it is all about the moment, the enjoyment of experience and the journey, not the destination.

MACOMOS is now proud to present the entire series of these “Hitoiki” works, for sale directly to collectors world-wide, from Kosuke’s studio in Yokohama, Japan.